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Super Absorbent Floor Mat

Super Absorbent Floor Mat

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Owning our "Super Absorbent Floor Mat" is soft and comfortable, with a good foot feel. It can be curled freely and is convenient for storage. Let the home be clean, warm, and comfortable.

Fashionable and simple colors and patterns can be matched with any decoration, which is very suitable for modern homes.

Main Features

  • Strong Non-slip:
    Our non-slip floor mats are made of PVC+technical velvet, which dries faster than ordinary floor mats. Non-slip rubber bottom firm grip to increase safety and stability.

  • Water Absorption And Quick-drying:
    Strong water absorption, rapid penetration of water without accumulation. It can quickly absorb water stains and oil stains. Keep the floor clean and dry to keep your home comfortable and clean.

  • Prevent Slipping With Our Strong Non-slip Grip:
    For added security, the DryMat comes with a non-slip bottom that helps it stay put at all times. No matter how much water it absorbs, the DryMat is reliable enough to step on each time you come out of the shower.

  • Prevents Mold And Stays Clean
    Once you step on the DryMat, you'll see the water disappear right in front of your eyes. Thus preventing mold and a "musty" mat. Keep your floor clean and dry to keep your home safe and clean.

  • Cushioned Material
    Our DryMat is made with skin-friendly material that's comforting to your feet. Plus, it has a multi-layered design that makes you feel like you're walking on the clouds.
  • Simple Care:
    Since the DryMat dries up in an instant, cleaning it is simple and hassle-free. All that you have to do is to scrub it with anti-bacterial soap to keep it in pristine condition.
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  • Color:
Q. Where does the water go?
A. Our mats are manufactured with rubber and nappa,which dries faster then an ordinary floor mat.
Q. What is the life on the mats?
A. DRYMAT last longer than 3 years
Q. Will it mould?
A. No, The water is evaporated and will not accumulate mould unlike other mats.
Q. Are they suitable for outdoor use?
A. Yes they can be used for the outdoors.
Q. Are they antibacterial?
A. Yes, DRYMAT are antibacterial.
Q. How often should I clean it?
A. We recommend to clean at least once a week.
Q. How do I clean it?
A. DRYMAT can be simply machine washed or hand washed.


  • ① The washing maximum temperature is 30℃.
  • ② Do not bleach.
  • ③ Do not roll over dry.


  • 1* FLoor Mat
    Front: Technology fleece
    Back: Rubber
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